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AMR Automated Systems

Autonomous mobile robots are certainly on their way up in warehouse and distribution centers across the world.  Partnering with E2 Solutions is your answer to closing the gap between average and excellent when it comes to automated warehouse system.

E2 provides complete turnkey AMR systems to their clients including integration.  It’s as easy as giving us a call or sending an email. We will help you analyze your current throughput and design a system that will increase productivity, stay on budget and increase your bottom line.

Easy Integration

– Easily integrate into almost any facility and any warehouse management system. 

– Function from a mapping system that is created by a single person in just a day or two, even in the largest warehouses. 

– Mapping system is far superior to an AGV’s minimal navigation programming. 

– Integration software runs in a secure cloud, making it easily accessible through remote systems.  There’s no need to implement new software or even lean too heavily on your IT department.  It’s really that simple. 

– Can be implemented within a week of the arrival of the first bot – depending upon application.  

Significant positive impact on infrastructure with ability to reallocate resources while seeing double and triple productivity. 

Flexible to your needs: leasing programs allow you to add and subtract bots with demand.  

– Once the system is in place, additional bots can be on-boarded in a matter of days.