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E2 Vision Remote Assist

 E2 Vision Paired With Remote Assist Technology

Pairing E2 Vision with Remote Desktop software allows field technicians to send live, hands-free video back to remote experts who can observe work, offer technical assistance, and multi-task issues from the safety and comfort of their own offices.  


Empower Your Field Technicians with Remote Expertise

Remote Assist technology bridges the location gap to connect your workers and experts for fast, real-time video/audio collaboration – made possible with E2 Vision hands-free smart glasses. 

Get to the heart of the problem fast and solve it the first time with live video collaboration. With just one click, workers gain immediate access to the right information within seconds by connecting to an expert from anywhere on the globe. Your expert’s effectiveness is maximized as they multi-task issues through several on-hands technicians from one location.


Remote Assist Benefits

Reduce expensive travel and training costs while improving uptime rates. Remote Assist technology provides proven and immediate ROI applied to many industry uses. 

Future-proof your supply chain with innovative and economical remote assist technology and experience the benefits today.

E2 Vision Smart Glasses Paired with Remote Assist Software
  • Expert’s time is maximized

  • Easy to implement and use

  • Travel costs eliminated

  • Issues resolved faster

  • Quick ROI

Benefits of E2 Vision Smart Glasses


Standard integration to Körber

Our smart glasses allow for easy integration into Körber software as well as most current market supply chain software. 

Easy to implement and use

E2 Vision Glasses give you the ease to implement into your supply chain operations, reducing training time, and increasing employee productivity.

Increase your productivity & profits

At the end of the day we want to increase your bottom line.  Implementing E2 Vision will increase your productivity and profits.