E2 Solutions

Our Story

E2 Solutions was founded by Erik Easton,

who’s passion for building software solutions goes back decades. Erik started with a focus on designing and enhancing solutions for existing HighJump Software customers. It grew as he travelled this wonderful nation, teaching and coaching Agile Software Development, with a strong emphasis on Scrum.

After a couple years, Erik was approached by a longtime friend, Tim, who had 30 years of success in the Point of Sale business. Tim asked Erik to build software to solve many of the nagging pain points his customers suffered, naming Inventory Management. This was music to his supply chain ears and it didn’t take long before InSight Inventory Management was born.

As success continued, time grew precious, and it was apparent the team needed to grow fast. Timing couldn’t have been better when another phone call came along out of the blue. This time from an old and well-respected college friend and co-worker, Darin Gunderman.  Gunderman had years of success building successful teams at several companies since they had the pleasure of last working together. It didn’t take long to realize the value Darin brought to the team and they soon became partners.

E2 Solutions has come a long way since those early days and has increasingly grown with a strong team of experts who love what they do. Everything from helping with WMS selections, full end-to-end implementations, augmenting internal teams and training, enhancing existing solutions with emerging technologies. All with the same simple focus: to make a positive impact on a customer’s bottom line while servicing those involved efficiently.

E2 Solutions: Erik East and Darin Gunderman