E2 Robotics Division Unveils Self-Driven Autonomous Pallet Jack

E2 Solutions was excited to unveil the Autonomous Pallet Jack (APJ) at MODEX and HighJump Elevate 2020.  The APJ is their newest line of ground-breaking supply chain robotics solutions.

Designed as an answer to combat today’s labor force challenges, the APJ helps to resolve issues created by labor shortages, repetitive tasks that waste resources, and an increasing need for safety in the industrial workplace.

Automate Repetitive Movements and Pallet Workflows

Automated warehouses are the future and E2 Solutions helps clients to analyze current throughput and discover areas that can be improved upon with automation and emerging tech.   

Custom workflows are designed using the APJ to increase productivity, reduce labor, and increase the bottom line. 

Zero Blind Spots and Built-in Safety

The self-driving pallet jack uses advanced mapping technology to effortlessly and safely navigate pallets and product through distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and similar industrial applications.

Built-in obstacle avoidance technology allows the APJ to navigate and operate safely around employees and vehicles. With 3D cameras and LiDAR sensors, the AMR executes fast, safe stops when an obstacle is detected.

Deploys Fast and Ready for Action

The flexibility of our system allows for fast deployment – possibly within a few short weeks.  Easily implemented into almost any facility and warehouse management system.  There’s no need to implement new software or even lean too heavily on your IT department.  It’s really that simple.

Be the First-in-Line for our APJ Pilot Program

Our self-driving APJ generated a large amount of inquiries at the 2020 MODEX and Elevate shows.  As you can imagine COVID had an impact on us all, but we’re now able to move forward with our pilot program.  Be the first to try out this emerging technology that could play a pivotal role in the success of your company.

Apply now to be considered a candidate for E2 Solution’s Autonomous Pallet Jack (APJ) pilot program. Click the button to start the no-obligation process or contact us to learn more.

Since 2009, E2 Solutions continuously works to stay ahead of industry trends and technologies by bringing the best-in-class solutions to our clients to  increase efficiency and reduce overall cost in warehouse and distribution center operations.

We continue to push the envelope with more ground-breaking robotics solutions including our hands-free picking smart glasses.