Future Proof Your Supply Chain 

Is your company ready for the complex world of supply chain management?

E2 Solutions has 20+ years of experience in the industry and can take your operations to the next level. 

E2 Vision Smart Glasses

Our hands free augmented reality platform is easily integrated into your existing warehouse management system. 

Our flexible system is designed to drive productivity and simplify operations in every fulfillment application.

E2 Vision Glasses - Hands-Free, Wearable Tech for Inventory Management

Robotics Solutions

Robotics can increase your productivity while saving you money. 

E2 Solutions can help you select, design and implement a cost effective robotics solution for your facility no matter what your materials, layout or warehouse management system.


Körber Supply Chain Software Expertise

In today’s competitive market, businesses need to evaluate their supply chain for opportunities to improve on efficiency, eliminate waste, and contain cost. 

Our expertise goes beyond just education, we come along side you and equip your operations for optimal success.

Why E2 Solutions For Your Supply Chain



With 20+ years experience building software, E2 Solutions is time tested and unmatched in the industry. 


We’ll build a comprehensive solution to your supply chain management that fits your needs.  

Körber Excellence

Our team is involved in designing many of the key features in Körber Software’s Supply Chain solution suite. 

Real Solutions

We bring Senior Project Managers, Solution Architects, Analysts, Developers, Quality Assurance and SQL Gurus to deliver successful supply chain transformations. 


We make sure that you are taken care of throughout the entire project. We’re always a phone call away for all of your supply chain questions. 


When you bring on E2 Solutions for your supply chain needs, we’re right beside you, throughout your entire project and beyond. 

Supply Chain Management Designed With You In Mind.

We know that supply chain management can be a challenge. We want to come alongside you and take the burden of that management off your hands. 

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